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January 12-20, 2023

Tiffany and co. x CatrabbitSky 

@Hong Kong Landmark

@Hong Kong Harbour City

@ Hong Kong Pacific Place

@ Hong Kong No 1 Peking Road 

Writing fai chun (couplet) is a popular custom with celebrating Chinese New Year. Messages on the fai chun all are about luck, prosperity, health and other best wishes. Tiffany and Co. has invited young and talented calligrapher Sue Yuen (aka CatrabbitSky) to demonstrate her fai chun calligraphy in ink and brush. Afterwards, customers are welcome to take home a Chinese New Year blessing

Tiffany and Co. Fai Chun Event: Event

Sue :  I am honored to be invited by @tiffanyandco  and appointed as a Calligrapher of their event of the year of Rabbit 2023. 

The font of Official Script (an ancient style of calligraphy current in the Han Dynasty) and adorable rabbits especially designed for this Lunar New Year! Cuteness overload!

感謝你們的邀請,為2023年兔年揮春題字。特地選擇了 #隸書 ,再配上可愛的小兔子圖案,令揮春增加了趣味。

Tiffany and Co. Fai Chun Event: 文字
Tiffany and Co. Fai Chun Event: Selected Work
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