Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Artist

In 2013, she started teaching youngsters about Ink Wash Painting and Calligraphy Writing. Her unique skills and teaching style were highly praised and recognised; resulting in her numerous appearances on interviews including television and magazines.

In recent years, Catrabbit has started to entwine her love for cats into her artwork. By using Cats as the main theme for her renowned Ink Wash Painting; her art series “One Cat One Story” began forming; this has been a popular hit among audiences since.

With years of Chinese Painting experience; her Ink Wash Painting truly stands out in terms of tonality and shading, thus bringing her artwork to life. Art appreciators have commented that Sue was able to paint her subject beautifully as though the spirit was captured in her artworks.



December 22, 2020 - January 31, 2021

日期: 2020年12月22日 至 2021年1月31日

地點: 誠品生活 尖沙咀店3/F創意穿廊



+852 6560 5935

Tsim Sha Tsui @ Hong Kong

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